# of nights housesitting in Richmond: 27 (during Sept ’19)

# of plays: 3

# of dance performances: 1

# of chamber concerts: 1

# of rock concerts: 1

Private museum exhibit: 1

TOTAL: £120 (less than $150!)



  • 2nd row seat to an Alvin Ailey dance performance. This powerful dance company never fails to move me to tears. At one point, a group of dancers were simulating being lynched: on their toes, heads lolling, arms flailing and bodies gently swaying.
  • John Malkovich and Clive Owen on stage in David Mamet’s Bitter Wheat and Tennessee Williams The Night of the Iguana, respectively.
  • Front row seats at a unique David Hare play about the privatization of British Rail – very political, very emotional, as it delved into recent rail accidents. But here’s the kicker: The small in-the-round theatre (The Vaults) is under Waterloo Station, so we could hear trains passing overhead during the performance!
  • Private viewing of the iconic Throne of Weapons sculpture, which is currently off-exhibit at the British Museum. I’m working on a piece about Bonaventura Zita, who started collecting AK-47s from villages in Mozambique caught up in the civil war. He traded guns for ploughs and sewing machines. He gave the guns to artists who created a series of sculptures from them.


I have two secrets for exploring London so cheaply:

  1. TodayTix app offers discounted tickets for upcoming and day-of-performance shows. It’s also a great resource for discovering some off-the-beaten-path theatres.
  2. Internations.org. This international organization of expats has a particularly robust chapter in London with several subgroups. I belong to the World Music group, the Closet Writers group and the Live Theatre & Music group. Through them, I take advantage of group discount prices – and I meet some really interesting people from around the world!

Plus, I enjoyed 10 meet-ups with friends – Priceless!

…I even wrote a book:

Jump Start Your Book
Practical Tips for
Harnessing Cutting-Edge Brain Science to
Beat Your Writing Blocks and
Unleash Your Creativity

…available soon at www.JumpStartMyBook.org.

What a fabulous month!

What tips do you have for London culture vultures?

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