Kelly Loves to Spread the Word about Housesitting!

A former political consultant, Kelly has conducted hundreds of TV and radio interviews (live, listener call-in, tape-to-live) on ABC, CNN, CNBC, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, and dozens of local outlets. She’s been interviewed by reporters throughout the world from The Wall Street Journal to The Yomiuri Shimbun.

Kelly is an entertaining guest who loves to engage with hosts and audiences. From wherever she is in the world, she’d be happy to inform your audience.

Possible topics include:

  • “You did what to get out of debt?”

          How Kelly started renting out her own home and traveling full-time to get out of debt.

  • “You stay for free when you travel?”

          How Kelly travels the world housesitting and lives like a local for free while caring for others’ pets.

  • “You did what when you approached 50?”

          How Kelly “remade” herself after a mid-life loss by giving up her political consulting business to travel full-time.

  • “How do I get started in housesitting?”

          Have Kelly answer: Would I make a good housesitter? What’s involved? What are the downsides? Why do it? How do I get started?

Kelly is a single 50-something American woman who has visited more than 65 countries. She has been housesitting fulltime since 2009.  She’s an avid scuba diver who works to perfect her octopus-whispering.


To schedule an interview with Kelly for your radio show, podcast, article, or blog —

or for a Skype session with your book club —


Kelly (at) LivingLargeInLimbo (dot) com

+1 (310) 228-7835 (text only, please)