“The class is both entertaining and informative in a valuable way,well worth the money – a genuine boost to writers needing to move forward.”
S.G. Kislevitz

Education Director, USAThinkingTeam

“Kelly‘s class on character development was professional, included valuable handouts and good discussion.  I would recommend any writer of fiction to consider this class as an important part of developing  and improving their writing skills. Kelly knows her material and is an excellent teacher, writer and published author.” 

Karen Blue

Author of two published books and hundreds of articles on moving to and living in Mexico, MexicoBlue.com

“This is the first writers’ workshop I have attended. I am just a dabbler when it comes to writing, I write only when inspired which is very infrequently…

What I can share with you are the “take-aways” from your workshop that will help me as an actor:
  • Narrowing down what to include in a character’s back story: that which brought this character to this particular conflict and what shaped their attitudes toward what is happening.
  • The character who changes the most in the story is the protagonist/hero.  Other characters are helping the character move through the obstacles or thwarting them.
  • In helping a playwright to decide what to leave in and what to cut, I liked the question “how does this move the story forward?” and cultivating the willingness to let go of “precious ones”
  • Looking at the role my particular character may be serving from the Hero’s point of view: are they a helper? an obstacle?  why are they in this story? How do they move the story forward?
  • The power of the first and last line of each act and scene.  In comedy, does it move the story forward, or just a cheap laugh?
I will definitely refer back to your hand outs as I get stuck in future story telling adventures!”
Patricia Guy